Galaxy Z Fold 2: This iFixit dismantling shows how much Samsung has improved the smartphone

by Jerry

iFixit dismantled the Galaxy Z Fold 2, revealing Samsung's improvements on this generation. This includes a simpler and more robust hinge and a stronger flexible screen. The site believes that the smartphone is easier to repair than the previous generation, even if it remains rather mediocre in this matter.

Credits: iFixit via YouTube

iFixit has just released a dismantling video of the new Galaxy Z Fold 2. Samsung's new foldable smartphone benefits from the manufacturer's experience with two generations of Galaxy Fold: the first version had to be urgently revised after major technicalproblems. There was also the release of the Galaxy Z Flip another foldable format, with again innovations.

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Galaxy Z Fold 2: best hinge, screen, batteries… here's what Samsung has improved

In general, foldable smartphones are not models of durability. Their complex design makes them susceptible to dust, splashing, and permanent damage on their flexible OLED slab. They are also very complex to repair at the moment, which for the time being excludes any repairs at home. While progress remains modest, iFixit welcomes a design that is a little easier to repair.

iFixit further notes that Samsung has simplified the hinge mechanism,connected by two elements instead of three over the previous two generations. iFixit presents this choice as a guarantee of sustainability.

Credits: iFixit

The site also welcomes the new version of UTG glass that covers the flexible slab, itself reinforced and with a special arrangement at the crease to ease some stress on this part of the component. The bezel or border also seems to be an element of the device's design designed to provide increased protection against hazards such as dust and shocks.

iFixit also notes an increased battery space,and a less extravagant camera sensor arrangement than you might have expected (a triple photo sensor). All these elements led iFixit to award Z Fold 2 a score of 3/10.  Against only 2/10 for the previous generation. You can see the entire disassembly in the iFixit video:

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