Shein has different shipping policy between iOS and Android users

by Jerry

As with many virtual stores on the market, free shipping can be purchased from a minimum purchase amount. Shein’s no different. In fact, the difference is in the minimum amount that the Chinese giant charges between android and iOS mobile phone users. Those who have Apple smartphone need to insert more products in the shopping cart to ensure delivery free of charge, different from users of the Android system.

Yes, the Chinese company, which attracts more and more consumers by variety of products and low price, has a different shipping policy for iOS and Android systems. To ensure free shipping in the store, the minimum order for the public that uses iOS is $ 49, while for the public with Android devices, the minimum order is $ 29.

screenshot home app shein
The minimum order on iOS is $ 49, already on Android, is $ 29. (Image: Reproduction / Shein)
The difference in policy has already been noticed by consumers. An April video on TikTok with nearly 900,000 views and 90,000 likes brought the discovery. Users on Twitter also pointed out the billing difference:

What does the company say?
In a complaint filed in May this year in Reclame Aqui, a consumer showed his indignation at the different freight policy between operating systems, even citing the Consumer Protection Code.

Charge different amounts on free shipping depending on the consumer’s mobile phone, if it is Android the free shipping is 29.99 or if it is iOS the value is 49.99.

The first time an attendant lied and apologized and the second the attendant makes clear a double charge in the freight requirement.

CDCArt. 30. All information or advertising, sufficiently accurate, conveyed by any form or means of communication with respect to products and services offered or presented, obliges the supplier who makes it to serve or use it and integrates the contract that may be concluded.

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