Don’t want to use iOS 16 yet? Then install iOS 15.7 on your iPhone

by Jerry

Apple began distributing iOS 16 to all users on Monday (12). But this wasn’t the only update released: the manufacturer also made iOS 15.7 available with security fixes. The package is aimed at those who do not yet want to install the new version of the system or have an iPhone without support for the successor to iOS 15.

The update came with iPadOS 15.7 and macOS 12.6. Unlike other complementary versions, the package does not bring news in the iteuse features. But it keeps users up to hand with security updates to plug loopholes and avoid risks to Apple devices, plus other bug fixes.

The novelty still tends to please two audiences. The first, no doubt, aggregates the owners of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, because these models did not receive the iOS 16. The second group is formed by owners of the iPhone 8 or newer, but who still do not want or can not update the phone to the new version of the operating system.

It’s worth remembering that Apple hasn’t released the final version of iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura to users.

When you see information about iOS 15.7, tap “Download and Install.”
Now just wait for the installation to finish. Keep in case it’s important to do the procedure with your phone connected to your charger and a Wi-Fi network. We also recommend backing up your information to prevent data loss if any problems occur in the update.

Can I downgrade iOS?
Officially, Apple does not allow you to return a version of iOS after installation. In other words: If you installed the final version of iOS 16, you can’t return to iOS 15.6. The exception is only for test versions (beta), which allows you to return to the latest stable build when restoring the phone.

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