Apple Thinks About Launching AirPods with USB-C Input

by Jerry

It’s not long before Apple launches AirPods with USB-C port instead of Lighting, which nowadays is still a headache for many people. Journalist Mark Gurman published the information in a Bloomberg newsletter, pointing out that the news may arrive soon after the iPhone 15. Scheduled for September, it should be the first Apple phone also with USB-C input.

If the information is confirmed, Apple would be anticipating regulatory requirements from the European Union. Even the most loyal customers of the company would have an easier time on a day-to-day basis, as a charger (the plug plug) would be enough to replenish the smartphone, tablet and smartwatch.

Only in the Pro version
There’s a catch to this story. According to Gurman, USB-C would first come to the AirPods Pro, which is in the second generation. It’s the company’s most expensive and sophisticated headset. Nowadays it comes out for R $ 2,599 on the official website, with 10% discount for cash payment.

The other AirPods would receive USB-C only in “future generations.” Apple’s full audio line currently features 2nd generation AirPods, 3rd generation AirPods, and AirPods Max. Features vary between products such as spatial audio, water resistance, and charging case with MagSafe technology.

More health
Another important point raised by Gurman has to do with health. The next generation of AirPods would have a kind of hearing test in which the headset would play various sounds to assess the person’s hearing.

It is not today that rumors arise about a thermometer integrated into the device. It would be possible to measure the temperature of the ear canal. Is? The idea would be popular the feature just as the Apple Watch helped do with the electrocardiogram.

The small white headphones may seem like a simple item, but in reality they represent a big deal for Apple. The company delivered 28.4 million units in the fourth quarter of 2022, according to Canalys. Samsung appears in second place (6 million) and Xiaomi in third (3.5 million).

Importantly, the survey includes only TWS products. In addition, Apple’s numbers take Beats into consideration and Samsung’s also consider other Harman products.

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