Spotify launches “daylist”, playlist that changes every part of the day

by Jerry

Spotify announced on Tuesday (12) the launch of the daylist. The new feature “creates” (or rather, edits) a playlist that changes daily, based on what you usually listen to at each moment of the day—morning, afternoon, and night. The daylist even takes into account the day of the week to choose the songs.

The daylist looks like a mix of flow’s “moods” choice options (rival Deezer’s feature) with Spotify’s activity playlists. The new feature is also reminiscent of the recently launched DJ X beta, “artificial intelligence” that creates playlists based on the user’s musical taste.

Only Australia, Canada, the United States, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom received the daylist on the release date.

Daylist leaves Spotify a more complete app for the “undecided”
The daylist, added to DJ X, is another tool to help “indecisive” users — those who sometimes are not wanting to listen to a specific playlist or artist and prefer “randomness.” Not wanting to sound “Deezer’s witness,” but flow and moods is a good tool for when you want the algorithm to pick something for you.

This new Spotify feature promises to be even more “accurate” than moods, since it will take into account the time of day and even what day of the week it is. For example, on a Saturday or Sunday morning, the daylist might put together a sequence with more upbeat songs to give you that gas in the break.

Already on the morning of a weekday, the tool can choose quieter songs for you to listen to during work. And, as explained, she still alters the songs depending on the “turn.” In the afternoon, when fatigue starts to hit, the daylist can select more “exciting” sounds.

In addition to changing the songs throughout the day, the name of the daylist is also changed according to your “mood” in each part of the day. The title reflects how you “feel” in those moments.

The feature is available to both premium users and the free version of Spotify. The company said the daylist was also developed with sharing in mind. Therefore, it has three card formats to share on social networks.

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