Spotify launches Jam, group and real-time music function

by Jerry

Spotify launched on Tuesday (26) the Jam feature, in which multiple users can contribute to a single playlist in real time. To start a Jam, the streaming account needs to subscribe to the Premium service. Spotify’s announcement says the feature will be coming worldwide at the same time — something the company doesn’t usually do on a regular basis.

Although Jam can only be started by a Premium user of the platform, those who do not pay Spotify can be invited to contribute to the playlist. The difference with this new feature to shared playlists is that Jam is focused on “real-time” use, in which a group of friends can include songs to listen to in the moment, whether at a party or other type of get-together.

To create a Jam session on Spotify, the user gives “play” on a playlist or song. Then you can click the “start a Jam” button to activate the feature. In addition to this button, the playlist in real time can be opened through the “Connect” or the three-dot icon, the menu of extra settings, available in all Spotify playlists, songs or albums — remembering that only premium members can launch the feature.

With Jam enabled, the user can mirror the playing of the songs on another device, such as a speaker. Everyone who is on the same Wi-Fi as the host also receives an invitation to collaborate on the playlist.

Other means to invite friends are: connecting other phones via Bluetooth, reading QR Code on the host’s screen or sharing a link through social networks.

In Jam, all guests can add songs to the queue. The host has the option to allow other users to edit the order of the tracks or remove songs.

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