Microsoft releases the Lists task app for smartphones and browsers

by Jerry

Microsoft released this Monday (2), for all users, the beta of Microsoft Lists for smartphones and in the browser version. Lists is a personal and task management app, working in a similar way to Trello and the like. Earlier this year, the personal version for browsers was already available to some users.

For those who are interested in using Lists on mobile, you can download it for both iOS and Android. To access the program in the browser, the user needs to subscribe to Microsoft 365 — the former name of Microsoft Office.

Now, Microsoft’s task manager (not the one in your Windows) can be used by all audiences in the company — business and personal. For the latter, the program will deliver a new way for users to organize their activities, tasks, and appointments on a daily basis.

As is normal in Microsoft 365 apps, Lists gives the user the option to choose templates from to-do lists. There are, for example, ready-made lists for programmers (issue tracker), for event planning and warehouse management.

Lists allows for good content editing for creating milestones in a task. The program works is similar to Excel, but if you’re using it for the first time, you can check out Microsoft support to learn more about Lists.

Another thing Lists has in common with other Microsoft programs is its integration with the other 365 apps. A list can be imported from a . CSV file, exported to the format and also included in Microsoft Team.

The company has not yet said whether it intends to release a desktop version of Lists. Either way, there’s no such version in Microsoft 365 Business — a suite of productivity programs aimed at businesses.

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