Threads Expected to Launch Trending Topics in the Near Future

by Jerry

“Better late than even later” can be considered the motto of Threads, Meta’s microblogging platform. The next novelty on the social network should be the debut of a Trending Topics feature equivalent to what we see on X/Twitter — translated to Trends in Portuguese. At the launch of Threads, this was one of the absences felt by users.

Those who still use Xwitter may find Trending Topics (popular TT) boring at times, after all, there is almost always some tiring subject or a topic uploaded by fans of some artist to promote some release. However, TT has the function of quickly delivering to users the topics of the moment, making it easier for the user to discover the main topics of the day — with a Trends, what is missing for Threads to correct the errors of the release?

As disclosed in the print, Meta’s microblog Trends does not show personalized results for the user and is in the search menu. On Xwitter, there’s a For You section in Trending, based on topics and accounts you follow. From the screenshot, the Threads TT should present global subjects — at least at first.

It’s possible to guess that Meta will release a custom version in the future. This prediction is linked to the way social networks work: you want the algorithm to show users topics they like so that they stay longer on the platform. That’s how it is on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

For example, I love sneakers. So, if I see that (hypothetical situation) there was a merger between ATP and WTA and the subject is in the Trends, I will want to know more about it in real time. This will probably leave me for longer on the platform following the debate.

And of course, on the internet everyone has a degree in tudology. Israel and Hamas at war? There will always be a tudologist ready to talk about geopolitics. Scientific study proves that eating eggs every day is bad for you? Someone trained in tudology will counteract. Debate generates engagement, and Trending Topics helps with that — that’s why it’s critical for platforms and users.

Print was accidentally leaked by Meta employee
Although the publication with the print went viral with Brazilian user Willian Max, the leak was made by a Meta employee — whose identity was protected by the Brazilian.

The possible reason for the employee’s confusion was Meta’s employee-only feed. Last week, it was revealed that employees of the company have an employee-only feed. The theory is that dev wanted to share the news with his colleagues and ended up getting confused with the buttons.

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