WhatsApp ditches Android 4.4 from tomorrow; iOS 12 is in the crosshairs

by Jerry

As of Tuesday (24), WhatsApp will no longer have support for smartphones with version 4.4 of the Android operating system. The update to the operating systems compatible with the messaging app was disclosed by Meta itself on WhatsApp’s FAQ page. The app is expected to no longer be supported on iOS 12.

There are two reasons to assume that WhatsApp will lose its compatibility with iOS 12. The first is that it’s been a while since the app has removed an iOS from its compatibility list every year. The second is that on October 24 last year, Meta removed iOS 10 and iOS 11 from the list of operating systems on which WhatsApp is no longer supported.

WhatsApp stops working on incompatible OS?
If your device uses an operating system that is not compatible with WhatsApp, you will have time to adapt to the novelty. When you open the app, you’ll get a message that WhatsApp doesn’t support your OS. The app also sends messages informing the user that they need to update the system.

If your smartphone can be updated to Android 5.1 or higher, it will be mandatory to upgrade the operating system if you want to continue using WhatsApp. If you don’t, you’ll need to buy a new device.

Those who use Android 4.0 should already be receiving the message about the end of WhatsApp support for the operating system. Check out some smartphone models whose latest OS is Android 4.

Samsung Galaxy SIII
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2
Samsung Galaxy Young 2
Motorola RAZR HD
Motorola RAZR D1
Motorola D3
Motorola RAZR i
LG Joy
LG L35
LG F60,
LG G Flex
LG Optimus G
Samsung Galaxy J1
Sony Xperia E4
Sony Xperia E3
Sony Xperia E1
In WhatsApp’s FAQ, it is still stated that iOS 12 and the KaiOS 2.5.0 operating system are compatible with the app. Only from tomorrow, the 24th, will we know for sure if WhatsApp will continue to be available for iOS 12.

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