After Threat, Hacker Group Releases Insomniac Games Data

by Jerry

The hacker group Rhysida has leaked 1.3 million files from Insomniac Games, the game developer responsible for titles such as Spider-Man and the iconic Spyro the Dragon. The criminals demanded $2 million in ransom not to divulge the files. Most of the leaked data, 1.6 TB of documents, is from the Wolverine game, scheduled for release in September 2025.

Developer Insomniac Games is owned by Sony, being a subsidiary of PlayStation Studios. Last week, Sony announced that it was investigating a possible case of ransomware at Insomniac. In September, the Japanese company went through another similar situation, when the group hacked into the company’s system.

Insomniac Games has 1.3 million files leaked
In total, 1.3 million Insomniac Games files were leaked by the hackers. Of that number, the vast majority are related to the Wolverine game. The game was announced in 2021 and could be released in 2025. So far, only the trailer for the game has been shown by the developer.

The Wolverine files that have been released are documents about the level design, characters, and screenshots from within the game. From what is known so far, there are no gameplay videos.

The leaked documents also reveal the agreement between Sony and Marvel for the release of three X-Men games. The first is Wolverine, the others are not yet decided — and its release should happen in 2029 and 2033. The budget for each game is $120 million.

The hackers also published internal HR documents and screenshots of Insomniac’s Slack conversations. Even personal data of Yuri Lowenthal, Peter Parker’s voice actor in the Spider-Man games, was leaked.

The Rhysida group, according to investigations, came into existence in 2021. At the time, it was known as Gold Victor. The nationality of the group is unknown, with suspicion falling on Russia or a set of members from this country with hackers from Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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