Microsoft prepares tool to reinstall Windows 11 through Windows Update

by Jerry

Microsoft is working on creating an easier way to reinstall Windows 11 using Windows Update, the system updates tool. In addition to being easier, the process promises to give users peace of mind, as no files will be lost.

The novelty was noted by the Windows Latest website. In the latest beta released to Windows Insiders, there is a “Fix Problems using Windows Update” option. It’s in the settings, within the Recovery menu.

For now, this function is not active, and nothing happens when you click on it. In the future, it will be able to reinstall the current version of Windows, and apps, files, and settings will be preserved. According to Windows Latest, the update tool will download the operating system and reinstall it in a matter of minutes.

The feature has been in development since July 2023, when it was mentioned on the official Windows blog and began to be distributed in the Canary channel of the Windows Insider program, which has the newest (and unstable) functions of the system.

Since the option already appears in a beta version of Windows 11, it should be closer to arriving for all users. Windows Latest believes that the tool should arrive between February and March 2024, with the Moment 5 update.

Today’s options are time-consuming
Currently, if you need to reinstall Windows 11 and don’t want to format your computer (and lose all your files), one solution is to do the so-called “in-place upgrade”.

The process involves downloading the ISO image of the system, creating an installation media, and beginning the installation process, but choosing to keep personal apps and files. All of this, however, is often time-consuming and labor-intensive, and can leave some users feeling unsure.

You can also restore Windows 11 from the operating system’s own tool. In this case, you can keep the files, but not the installed applications.

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