Microsoft authorizes virtualized Windows 11 on newer Macs

by Jerry

Microsoft on Monday (22) released two official methods for using Windows 11 on the newest Macs, equipped with the M1, M2 and M3 series processors — based on the ARM architecture. Bill Gates’ company has posted on its website that Mac owners can use Microsoft 365 Cloud PC or Parallels to virtually run Windows on their devices.

Something curious about the solutions presented by Microsoft is that Parallels is not a service of its own. Big tech has allowed versions 18 and 19 of this program to run Windows 11 Pro and Windows 11 Enterprise for ARM systems. Through Parallels, users create a Windows virtual machine on their Macs.

Changing processors complicated the “Mac Windows”
When Apple began to abandon Intel processors to use its own SoCs, based on the ARM architecture, Macs lost compatibility with Boot Camp, an application that allowed dual booting on the device.

Also, at the time of the launch of the first Macs with the M1 chip, Microsoft revealed that Windows 11 for ARM would not have support for Apple computers. That is, you can even try to install it, but Microsoft won’t lift a finger to help. Devices with chips from Qualcomm, which uses this same ARM architecture in its processors, are compatible with Windows 11.

Now comes the bad part of the news: the Windows 11 Enterprise and Windows 11 Business versions in the cloud are paid. However, it’s likely that anyone who needs to use Windows on Mac has access to this subscription. Here’s why.

Why use Windows on Mac or Macbook?
It may seem odd that someone would want to use Windows on a Mac. However, some apps may not be compatible with macOS. Because of this, a Mac user, whether it’s a laptop or desktop, may need to run Windows on their Apple computer.

This scenario can occur with professionals who have a Mac as a personal computer, but work with programs with Windows-only versions.

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