Google may change Bard’s name to Gemini

by Jerry

Google’s Bard chatbot may have a new name: Gemini. According to the software’s change log, the exchange could happen as early as next Wednesday (7). In addition, a paid version of the service seems to be on the way, similar to what OpenAI does with ChatGPT Plus, as well as a dedicated app for Android.

Changes appeared in the changelog, the name given to the log, and changes made to an app in updates. The document includes an update scheduled for February 7.

The text says that Google will change Bard’s name to Gemini to reflect its commitment to allowing everyone to have direct access to the company’s artificial intelligence. In addition, there will be a dedicated app for Android and a paid version called Gemini Advanced will be available, using the Gemini Ultra model.

In addition to the new name, Gemini will have an Android app
About the app, the company says that Gemini will have a separate app on Android and will be in the Google app on iOS. It will accept text, voice, and images as input.

It is interesting to note that the text mentions voice among the input forms. The changelog says the app is a step in the direction of creating the world’s most useful AI assistant. It could also represent a step in the transition from the current Google Assistant to a new one with broader abilities.

The app will initially launch only in the U.S. and in English, for select devices. Subsequently, it will be released almost globally, with support for English, Korean, and Japanese. The “almost” is up to the United Kingdom, the European Union and the European Economic Area, which will not yet receive the app, probably for regulatory reasons.

Paid version will only understand English
Regarding the Gemini Advanced subscription, Google says that the service will use Gemini Ultra 1.0. When it introduced the Gemini models, the Ultra was placed as the most advanced of the three. According to the company, it will have the ability to perform more complex tasks, such as generating code, reasoning, understanding more subtle instructions, and collaborating creatively.

Google also promises that subscribers will have access to new and exclusive features in the coming months, such as deep document and data analytics, improved code generation, multi-modal capabilities, and more.

Gemini Advanced will launch in 150 countries and territories, but will only be available and optimized in English.

Google follows in the footsteps of Microsoft and OpenAI
Bard’s name change and the arrival of a paid option repeat moves made by Microsoft and OpenAI. Microsoft has put features and artificial intelligence into many of its services throughout 2023, but it wasn’t until November that it decided to unify them under the name Copilot.

OpenAI, on the other hand, has been offering ChatGPT Plus since February 2023, with access to GPT-4 (the free version uses GPT-3.5) and priority access at times of high demand. The monthly subscription is $20.

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