Meta Is Teaching Users How To Evade Apple’s Fees

by Jerry

In a few weeks, Meta will update the prices of the boost on iOS, adding Apple’s 30% commission to the amount. However, the owner of Facebook and Instagram is already teaching users how to circumvent this fee on the iPhone and other devices of the apple company. And this can be done using browsers installed on the computers, including Safari, developed by Apple itself.

To pay the lowest price in boosting a publication, the user will have to access the Facebook or Instagram page in a browser, be it Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safaria or others. Meta explains in a post that it is not necessary to enter the pages from a desktop. Even accessing a browser on iOS, the user will get the original price of the service.

Meta will be able to advertise payment methods within its apps outside of the App Store — at least in the United States. In the post, she does not explain whether she will also use this form of communication. This permission to disclose payments through means outside of the App Store is a result of the dispute between Epic and Apple.

In the official statement, Meta explains that it was required to adapt to Apple’s new policies (which include the commission for boosting) or remove the service from the platform. Boosting is a tool to expand the reach of publications. It’s a simpler option for those who want to increase their reach without using Meta’s ads manager, which can be more complex for some users and unnecessary for small businesses.

In Brazil, Apple is not required to allow companies to advertise other payment methods within their apps. However, the tip informed by Meta is valid for Brazilian users — and not only with products from Mark Zuckerberg’s company. Some companies may provide cheaper services and subscriptions if contracted outside of the iOS app.

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