Android 15 Could Gain Tracking of Turned Off Phones

by Jerry

Google may launch a tool to track Android smartphones even if they’re turned off. The novelty is planned for Android 15, the next version of the big tech operating system. The feature would be added to Find My Device, Google’s app for finding devices that use the brand’s OS.

Android 15 began the testing period in February, when the version of the operating system was released to developers. The final version of the OS is expected to arrive for users between August and September. As always, Google Pixel smartphones will be the first to receive Android 15 and, consequently, this feature.

The purpose of the tool is to make it easier to search for cell phones even if they run out of battery. However, anyone who wants to stay under the radar for a while will no longer be guaranteed their privacy by turning off their Android. Only, let’s face it, who turns off their cell phone these days?

The feature of finding the Android phone still turned off will be useful for those who lose their phone or it is stolen. In cases of theft and robbery, one of the first things criminals do is turn off the device to prevent tracking.

The novelty, however, is not easy to implement. Smartphone makers will need hardware that keeps Bluetooth on even if the entire phone is turned off, as well as other supports needed for the feature to send signals to other devices.

Find My Device uses Bluetooth signals to detect nearby Android devices. So, for example, the signal from a headset can find a smartphone. The app takes advantage of the huge amount of Android devices to generate a wide device detection network.

Apple has had an identical feature for the iPhone since iOS 15, the version of its operating system released in 2021.

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