LG: the mystery thickens around the flagship "super premium" announced for the end of 2015

by Jerry

Lately, we hear mostly about LG for the very anticipated next Nexus but summarizing the Korean brand to this model would be reductive. After the LG G4 and LG Flex 2 presented this year, the manufacturer confirmed that it wants to release a new high-end smartphone at the end of 2015.

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The CEO of the company Cho Joon Ho had a few weeks ago announced the arrival of a smartphone "Super Premium". This third high-end announced should even be accompanied normally by entry-level and mid-range products in certain markets, in orderto help financially redress the company's communications division.

Already at the Mobile World Congress last, the same Joon Ho had announced a smartphone that would supplant the LG G4. What else do we know about the brand's next flagship? thatit could be the LG G4 Pro. But since yesterday, some argue that the concept of "super premium" would be more of a powder in the eyes.

This name of "Super Premium" had been pronounced by the CEO himself last July, however, when it was brought out by the media yesterday, he was slightly pointed out by saying that such a phrase had never been used. Still, it's clear that the manufacturer needs to pull out the heavy artillery if it wants to take on the new Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge, not to mention the upcoming iPhone 6S.

The figures produced by LG Mobile Communication were not good during the second quarter, but Joon Ho remains confident and assures that the situation will be corrected after September. He explains:

Entry-and-mid-range smartphones have been shunned in emerging markets in China and India due to currency problems and exchange rates.  (…) I bet LG Eletronics will recover once and for all from this situation by releasing new models adapted to these markets.

This slightly heightened confidence hides something, so why deny the idea of a "Super Premium"? All our eyes are on the potential LG G4 Pro which offered a rather impressive configuration, would it have been cancelled? is it modesty or just a desire to surround yourself with mystery?




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