LG V10: exit the G4 Note and G4 Pro, this replacement would have a double-screen front

by Jerry

Yesterday, we presented the first pictures of the supposed future G4 Note by images taken by TENAA, the telecommunications certification body in China. Today, a twist orchestrated by Evan Blass (@Evleaks) argues that it would ultimately not be the G4 Note let alone the G4 Pro but a new model called LG V10. All this has yet to be confirmed, of course.

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As Mr Blass points out, the rear hull of this model has an inscription at the bottom that would appear "V10", would it be a protective hull model? For him no, that's the name of the new smartphone. According to Evleaks, the smartphone would be equipped with a 5.7-inch Quad-HD display and like its predecessor the LG G4, would be powered by a six-core SoC, the Snapdragon 808.

This alleged LG V10 should also include a fingerprint reader, 16-megapixel cameras on the back and 5 megapixels at the front. It would also contain a microSD card port. A solid configuration but still a rather original surprise.

Evan Blass announces that the LG V10 would have an auxiliary screen on its 5.7-inch slab. Difficult to distinguish despite the brightness and contrast set for greater visibility, this second screen would be placed above the main slab and below the earpiece, to the right of the front camera. The principle of the secondary screen, as Blass points out, echoes a smartphone released in 2010, the Samsung Continuum.

At the time, the old Android smartphone had a secondary window at the bottom of its main screen to provide ancillary information. We know that Evleaks' information is generally reliable, we recently owe him the pictures and other leaks around the BlackBerry Venice and its sliding fa├žade.

However, this does not help our business with the LG G4 Note, whose name was tabled yesterday. The rumor around this model swells from week to week, and the G4 Pro was also emerging yet, David Ruddock of Android Central advises not to wait for these two models for this fall. Obviously, LG still has several surprises in store for us by the end of the year.

To give you an idea of what Evan Blass is saying when he talks about a secondary screen, here's a video of the Samsung Continuum. The LG V10 is expected to be introduced in October and remove all this mystery around its screen.


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