LG G4: a bug affects users, they launch a petition!

by Jerry

Following the launch of the petition on Change.org, LG finally recognized the problem facing its G4 and pledged to provide a real solution. A hardware problem since it is a false contact between the components. Users affected by this issue are encouraged to contact their operator or LG's SAV where they will get a repair.

In recent months, several LG G4 users have complained of a rather annoying bug causing loop restarts of the phone. Today, they are launching a petition to force LG to solve the problem.

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Posted on the famous Change.org website, this petition aims to force LG to recognize the problem but also to replace defective devices for free. According to its creator, Santiago Archila, this bug affects all variants of the device and not just a few specific models and, according to him, so far, the Korean manufacturer's response has been unacceptable.

It must be said that users have been complaining about this bug since last September and, so far, LG has not tried to provide any solution to users unlucky enough to fall victim to it. You only have to look at YouTube, Twitter, Reddit or the XDA forums to see that the problem is widespread enough to justify LG conducting its investigation in order to provide a real solution to the user.

Initially, it was thought that only the first units of the LG G4 manufactured before October 2015 were affected and that the problem was related to the motherboard found on some variants but in reality, all markets seem to be affected and the problem seems much larger than initially thought.

The LG G4 whose Android Marshmallow update has reached almost every market is suffering from a major bug and its manufacturer seems to be silent. Aside from launching a petition, users had no way to be heard. Let us hope that this time the company will react and give them a real answer. If you are ever one of the users affected by this bug, the petition is on this link.

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