LG G5: thanks to its "magical" slot, it won't look like any other smartphone

by Jerry

The LG G5 will arrive on February 21 at MWC 2016. In the meantime, The Verge has managed to obtain some information from one of its sources that confirms the previous leaks.

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As the reports published in recent weeks reveal, the LG G5 will offer a brand new design that will be a major overhaul. According to a source close to the file, this will not be an evolution of the two previous models and the G5 should not look like any other Android smartphone.

The first diagrams published by CNET revealed the presence of a hatch at the bottom of the device to slide the removable battery. One imagines that this is also how we can access the SD slot. This information is now confirmed by the source, who refuses to give any details about the specific features of this "magic" slot already mentioned in December by Evleaks.

But reading that it will not look like any other Android smartphone and that Evleaks uses the term "magic" to define this mysterious connector, the secret weapon of the LG G5, leaves us all imagine. After all, the privileged few who could see the prototypes of the machine spoke well of a modular design. And that says modular means modules, likelyto bring additional features if you consider the most optimistic scenario of the thing.

Last December, Evleaks was already hinting that this magic connector could add hardware to extend the phone's functionality. It included a 360-degree camera, a physical keyboard or an audio amplifier. Is this what we mean that LG has designed specific accessories for this magical slot?

If that were to be the case and this hatch is not limited to simply replacing the battery, then LG could, in fact, gain a significant advantage over the competition and that would explain why its G5 does not look like any existing smartphone.


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