LG G5: 6 modules you'd love to see on the device

by Jerry

The LG G5 is a modular smartphone on which it is possible to add different modules that will expand its functionality. The problem is that at the moment there are only two. However, this should soon change, LG has just paved the way for developers in this direction. In the meantime, here are the ones we would like to see on the device.

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1. A battery module

Maybe it's just stupid and yet they haven't thought about it yet. Even if the 2800 mAh battery on the phone is removable and the LG Cam Plus photo module adds an additional 1200 mAh, imagine for a second how much battery life the LG G5 could offer if you added a real battery module of 4000, 5000 or why not 10,000 mAh.

It is always possible to use an external battery, a solution that is practical but sometimes cumbersome. So knowing that the LG G5 is a modular smartphone and that this solution seems so obvious, why deprive yourself of a battery module?

2. A real photo module

The LG G5 features a dual photo sensor consisting of a first 16-megapixel f/1.8 aperture camera and a second 8-megapixel camera (f/2.4) for 135-degree wide-angle photographs. A very good photophone on which it is possible to add physical buttons for manual controls thanks to the LG Cam Plus module.

The idea is already very good in itself but how about a module with a lens worthy of that of a camera and an optical zoom? Come on, let's take the fantasy even further why not a photo module with interchangeable lenses,as on SLR cameras? Now that LG has paved the way for developers, after all, anything is possible.

3. A game controller module

You who are many playing on your smartphone, do not tell us that you have not already thought about it. Imagine that one day, LG decides to release a game controller module for its LG G5 or its future modular successors. A real game controller that you would only have to snap into the magic slot of the phone to play as with a mini console. Come on, let's be crazy, why not a game boy module!

Without going that far, a real official game controller that would come into the phone would really give the impression of having a real portable console in your hands.

4. A Pregnant Module

We agree, we can already find on the market a selection of Bluetooth speakers at all prices for his smartphone. But again, these are external accessories and apart from the high-end models that will, for the most part, be too bulky to be transported anywhere other than in the living room, Bluetooth speakers do not offer monstrous battery life.

On the other hand, an audio module combining a speaker and an additional battery could have its effect. And why not a built-in DAC like the LG Hifi Plus so as to offer a sound really at the top?

5. A keyboard module

Si BlackBerry is still able to lay us smartphones under the Google OS with physical keyboard, why the LG G5 would not be allowed, too, to have a physical keyboard. Of course, this type of extension would only be of interest to a small category of users. The virtual keyboard of the phone already accomplishes its mission very well but on the other hand, an optional physical keyboard could find its audience. A suggestion that could also become a reality because this type of module has already been mentioned during the first leaks in December.

6. A directional micro module

This type of module would probably only be of interest to YouTubers, but they are still numerous enough to be an interesting target. A real directional microphone with reduction of side noise and filter against the wind, allowing to make reports like a pro, all combined with the camera of the phone that defends rather well in video. And why not, a built-in battery to avoid pumping the phone's battery life.

And what modules would you like to see at the heart of the G5?

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