LG to launch first remote rechargeable smartphone

by Jerry

LG is preparing the first-ever remote rechargeable smartphone. If wireless charging already exists, this would be a smartphone capable of charging 7 cm away from its charger and in just one hour thanks to a technology called magnetic resonance.

Wireless charging has been around for a long time and is becoming increasingly democratized among manufacturers, notably Samsung, which put it widely known last year when the Galaxy S6 was released. But its rival LG decided to go even further. As we learn today From Business Korea, the company has developed a rechargeable smartphone made of magnetic resonance.

With this technology, the device would no longer need to be in contact with the wireless charger, which could quite be placed under a table or desk. It would then be enough to place the smartphone on the table less than 7 cm away to recharge it. At this distance, the charge can reach about 7 Watts,so it would be possible to fully recharge the device in just one hour.

Last month, the inventor of the mobile phone, Marty Cooper, said he thought remote charging would be the next revolution in the market. Today it seems he was right. Note, however, that there was no question of the same technology since it recommended radio charging capable of charging your smartphone faster: up to 12 smartphones requiring 10 Watts of power at a distance of 1.50m there while the technology that LG wants to use would be more limited.

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Still, it would be a big step forward for the market. Especially since LG would not be the only manufacturer to have planned to integrate magnetic resonance into its devices. This technology is also expected to be found at Meizu, Oppo and Huawei as early as next year. LG should nevertheless get ahead of them since the development of its smartphone would already be completed.

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