Moto GamePad: how to turn your smartphone into a Nintendo Switch

by Jerry

In addition to the presentation of the highly anticipated Moto Z2 Play, Lenovo Motorola took the opportunity to unveil new modular features, also called Moto Mods. Among these modules, one has particularly impressed the spirits: the Moto GamePad, whose ability is to be able to transform itself into a portable game console and thus give life to a kind of Nintendo Switch.

The huge family of smartphones will grow very soon with the arrival of the new Lenovo-stamped Motorola: the Moto Z2 Play. Officialized by the American giant later yesterday, this future terminal at the same time powerful, light and elegant, will bring a certain wind of freshness to the mobile phone market.

Wind of freshness that will also manifest itself with the arrival of new Moto Mods, these famous modular features that allow to transform your toy in a snap of a finger and thus adapt according to the desires and needs of each. Even gamers can find their way through the Moto GamePad, one of two modules presented by the manufacturer.

Moto GamePad, the module that transforms into Nintendo Switch

Need a video game break? Lenovo Motorola responds with its revolutionary Moto Mods called "Moto GamePad". The main idea and function of this module is to "change the way you play" says the manufacturer, all by transforming his smartphone into a "portable game console".

This is an immediate reference to Nintendo's latest hybrid machine, the Nintendo Switch, which has been on the market since the beginning of March 2017. With the help of this Moto GamePad, it is possible to make your own Moto Z in a machine that looks like two drops of water to the Switch in terms of design.

The transformation of the smartphone takes just a few seconds, thanks to the "gaming" elements that make up this Moto Mods. Two joysticks (one on each side of the screen), a directional pad, four action buttons, two buttons on the top end and the Start/Select/Home keys are the essence of this Moto GamePad, with a 1,035 mAh battery.

By focusing on these two aspects of modularity and gaming, Lenovo Motorola is revolutionizing the way you use your smartphone on a daily basis. The gaming experience will be even more thrilling when the Moto Z2 Play – the first unboxing in pictures – and this new Moto Mods are released in the coming months.

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