Nintendo Switch: Online gaming will remain free until 2018, before moving to 20 euros per year

by Jerry

The online game on the Nintendo Switch will remain free until 2018, when it was due to be paid at the end of the year. The deadline is therefore delayed, but users of the console will then have to pay $20 per year to be able to play with their friends on the internet. This subscription will have many more benefits officially specified by Nintendo from now on.

2017, a pivotal year for our video game consoles. And it's quite natural, since this year marks the beginning of two new consoles on the market, which will give the new dynamic of the two manufacturers coming out on the market.

The most noticed at the beginning of the year is none other than the Nintendo Switch, the last Nintendo console that we tested and whose concept is to be able to be both a laptop and a home console. As the online features of this one are not finalized, we are currently entitled to it for free.

Update: French prices are revealed.

Free online game on Nintendo Switch until 2018

But of course all that will change, and we knew it. But the deadline before moving to the checkout was pushed back today: while the paid online game was to be implemented for the fall, it will finally be in 2018 that we will have to start paying.

But what will the Nintendo Switch's online mode include, and what rates will be offered?  The American branch of the developer has now clarified it with a comparison table between the free offer and the final offer paid:

A one-month subscription will cost 3.99 euros, 3 months 7.99 euros, and the annual subscription will be charged 19.99.

This will include the ability to play online, but also the ability to use the paid mobile app to chat with friends in-game. Some classic games (NES/SNES etc)will be offered every month, in the manner of PS Plus.

Nintendo also confirmed that it is going backwards on this last point: classic games will not only be available for one month, but unlimited for subscribers. Special discounts will also be launched on the eShop for them.

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