NES Classic Mini: Nintendo explains why it stopped production

by Jerry

Nintendo announced a few months ago the end of production of the NES Classic Mini but without giving the real justifications. If the firm said it wanted to move on, to evolve with the Switch, it now gives more details on its decision to stop production of the console.

If the release of the NES Classic Mini could have made people happy and nostalgic, for those who had the chance to buy it for $59.99, its availability on the market will have been short-lived. Nintendo did announce, shortly after the release, that it was halting production of the console, which was experiencing significant demand and success.

Until now, Nintendo had not really explained the real reasons for the shutdown of production, merely indicating its willingness to implement a new strategy and evolve with the Switch. Nintendo gave the site more detail on the causes of its decision.

Undervalued success and insufficient resources

Nintendo said it designed and reissued a product for the last holiday. However, the firm did not anticipate that the NES Classic Mini would be subject to such a response from consumers. As demand increased, Nintendo added shipments and expanded the product for as long as possible.

However, resources seem to have been a problem for Nintendo. Nintendo said it did not have unlimited resources and confirmed the importance of identifying their future prospects and the key areas on which it must look to remain an important company in the video game market. Aware of a high level of performance, Nintendo nevertheless apologized to consumers frustrated at not being able to obtain the console.

However, for those who would be determined to find a NES Classic, it is available on the internet but for very high prices. Otherwise, you can always turn to more modern consoles by acquiring a Switch or Nintendo 2DS XL, or wait until December 2017 for the release of the Super NES Classic Mini.

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