Xbox Scarlett: Microsoft wants 4K 60 fps on all games

by Jerry

Xbox Scarlett is designed so games can run in 4K and 60 fps, says Spencer, who explains that gameplay and speed are priorities with the next generation of console. Between that and the load times reduced to nothing thanks to the SSD, the Scarlett promises an exceptional gaming experience.

The Xbox Scarlett is expected to be released by the end of 2020, and several elements of its technical listing and features have already been made official by Microsoft. We know, for example, that AMD will provide the CPUs and GPU, and that the console will be equipped with an SSD. The Xbox Scarlett will also be compatible with ray-tracing and 8K. But in an interview with Gamespot, Phil Spencer, boss of the Xbox division, shared one of the goals to achieve with the next generation of console.

Xbox Scarlett: 4K 60 fps lens for Microsoft

"I think the area we really want to focus on next generation is fps (images per second) and gameplay. Make sure games load incredibly quickly and operate at the highest possible frame rate…. People love games at 60 frames per second, so running the games in 4K 60 fps will, in my opinion, be a priority design goal for us,"said the manager.

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Of course, if the goal is to give developers the tools to offer 4K 60 fps, then it will also be up to the studios to play the game and take care of the optimization of titles to offer such performance. As a reminder, the Xbox Scarlett must also offer 120 fps in 1080 pixel definition. Finally, one of the challenges of the next gen, on the Xbox as on the PlayStation, is the drastic reduction of loading times allowed by the integration of an SSD.

Source: Gamespot

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