XCloud: Xbox One players will be able to stream their games to their Android smartphone

by Jerry

xCloud is coming soon, and while microsoft waits for official information, leaks come to tell us how the service will work. Xbox One players will be able to set up their console to turn it into a personal xCloud server and stream their games to an Android smartphone.

Credit: Windows Central

A few months ago, Microsoft announced a launch of xCloud for October 2019. If the timetable is kept, then it is only a matter of time before the service is launched to the general public. Windows Central obtained screenshots of the platform configuration on Xbox One from sources within Redmond's firm.

Xbox One transforms into personal xCloud server

In particular, there is a feature to transform its Xbox One console into "its own personal xCloud server." This option then gives you the ability to stream games from its Xbox bookstore as well as Game Pass titles to a mobile device. Microsoft had already confirmed that the operation could be carried out on an Android smartphone as on an iPhone.

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At the beginning of the setting phase, the system will ask the user to perform a series of tests to determine whether or not the network environment is prepared for streaming. The upload speeds are measured, we check if the necessary ports are open, if you have a compatible controller and a connected mobile device. A small element also to know, the Xbox One's power-saving mode must be disabled. Soon more information, official this time, in the coming weeks.

Source: Windows Central

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