Huawei still hopes to bring back Google and the Play Store in its smartphones

by Jerry

Huawei CEO Richard Yu says in an interview with Wired that he intends to bring Google and the Play Store back to his smartphones. A paradoxical statement, while the manufacturer struggles to develop its own alternatives.


Huawei reiterates its desire for a return of Google and the Play Store to its smartphones. Asked to comment on the manufacturer's situation, the firm's CEO Richard Yu told Wired: "In the past we have brought huge revenues and profits to American companies like Google,and we have been good partners,"he notes.  

Before adding: "At Huawei we hope that we can continue our cooperation with Google. We hope that we will be able to obtain a licence from the U.S. government. We're open. And it's also in the interest of American companies that want to create value […]  we want to use all of Google's services and use the Play Store as the main choice, plus Huawei Mobile Services to offer more choice. We want to stay on the Android platform."

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Richard Yu admits in passing that there are still "holes" in his alternative to the AppGallery Play Store: "Over time everything will be back to normal. We need one or two years,"he says.  Richard Yu moved the manace of an alliance with Xiomi, Oppo and Vivo in the event that Huawei did not get a license to use Google's services: "If we can't [get a license] we'll think about it." "We don't want to destroy the value of American companies with these kinds of partnerships, which is why we don't do it."

Source: Wired

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