Huawei wants to improve AppGallery by adding almost all Google apps

by Jerry

Huawei wants to integrate Google apps and services into AppGallery. This is the new idea of the Chinese manufacturer that seeks to win back its international clientele reluctant to acquire its latest smartphones.

Deprived of its Android license for several months, Huawei is exploring all alternatives to fill the void left by Google apps and services. Despite the manufacturer's efforts to showcase AppGallery, its home store, the store is still too sparse to attract users out of China although it is possible via a trick to install the Google Play Store on some Huawei smartphones. But this does not offer long-term stability guarantees. This continuing situation has disastrous consequences for the company's international sales.

In 2019, US sanctions cost Huawei 11 billion euros, Eric Xu, the group's CEO, said yesterday. Since being blacklisted last May by the Trump administration, the automaker has remained consistent in its desire to reclaim its Android license. The United States continues to oppose a non-receiving order and even threatens to tighten sanctions by preventing Huawei from supplying itself with key components.

Hopes of a resolution of the crisis in the near future are dwindling and Eric Xu is now suggesting a different strategy. "We hope that Google services will be available through our AppGallery store, just as they are on the Apple App Store." Huawei's CEO is optimistic.

Huawei wants to count Google among the third-party developers of the AppGallery

Google apps are available on the App Store although iPhones use a competing OS. The manufacturer hopes to offer key applications such as YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search and Gmail on the AppGallery, especially since Google is always looking to collaborate with Huawei by all means. Counting Google among the third-party developers of the store would be a crucial step according to Huawei, which is already investing considerable sums to attract more developers to its alternative store.

Xu's suggestion would allow Huawei users to access the Google apps they need on a daily basis without the manufacturer regaining its full Android license. Whether it is feasible remains to be seen. The Trump administration's anti-Huawei executive order prohibits U.S. companies from working with the Chinese firm unless they get a special waiver. None of the parties has so far decided on the feasibility of this option despite the sanctions.

Source: CNBC

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