PS5: Sony could integrate an Xbox One-inspired picture in picture mode

by Jerry

The PS5 could incorporate a picture-in-picture mode inspired by the Xbox One, as evidenced by a patent filed by Sony and relayed by our colleagues from the site The Game Post. This feature allows you to insert a third-party app like YouTube into a corner of the screen.

Credits: Sony / PS5 Classic

The picture-in-picture in the living room consoles is nothing new. Indeed, Microsoft already planned to integrate this feature on the Xbox One in 2013. However, performance losses have led Redmond's firm to turn around. As a reminder, the picture-in-picture, or inlay in French, allows to dedicate a small part of the screen to an application, such as YouTube, Twitch or Netflix.

With this feature, for example, a player in trouble on a game can watch the solution directly via youTube gameplay, without leaving the game. Imagine that Sony could well integrate the picture-in-picture mode in its future Playstation 5, as evidenced by a patent filed by the manufacturer and relayed by our colleagues from the site The Game Post.

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Credits: Sony

According to the document, players may have the option to switch the secondary app to full-screen, before switching back to the game. In addition, it would be possible to choose the part of the screen dedicated to the picture-in-picture. The sketch features a cat, suggesting that Twitch's chat features for example will also be integrated into the picture-in-picture.

Of course, this is only a patent and there is no evidence that Sony will use this feature. As a reminder, our colleagues from the site BGR have recently compiled a list of 71 games whose presence is potential or confirmed for the launch of the console. There are cross-gen titles like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Assassin's Creed Valhalla. And of course new games and exclusives, like the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, Spiderman Miles Morales or GodFall.

Source: The Game Post

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