PlayStation 4: Sony offers you $50,000 if you find a bug

by Jerry

Sony launches a public program to detect bugs on its PlayStation 4. Launched in partnership with the HackerOne platform, it rewards individuals who manage to pinpoint a console bug. Identifying a critical flaw can be a big deal: up to $50,000.

Credits: Fabian Albert

Get rid of bugs and get paid for it! Sony has announced the launch of an extensive bug-hunting program on its PS4 console. In partnership with the HackerOne platform, the Japanese manufacturer offers anyone to get money if they put their finger on a critical flaw or a small technical problem.

Of course, the reward varies depending on the bug detected. For example, if you find a small bug on the console, you can pocket 500 dollars (what do you buy a PS5?). The larger the fault found, the higher the amount. If you pinpoint a critical security flaw, Sony will be very generous in rewarding you with $50,000. That's ps5.

$173,000 already distributed

The program also includes PlayStation Network, Sony's online platform. However, the rewards are less enticing. A small bug is rewarded here with 100 dollars, while finding a critical loophole pays 1000 dollars "only".

According to HackerOne, this operation is already bearing fruit. Without going into detail, the platform indicates that Sony has already paid the researchers $173,900. The average premium is $400. 102 reports were made and 41 people were rewarded for their efforts.

Sony did not wait until June to look for bugs on its PS4. In fact, such a program already existed, but it was not open to the general public. Thus, Japanese society is now opening up to everyone on this point. This is not the first, since big tech companies, like Netflix or Google already reward individuals who find bugs.

Source: HackerOne

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