PS5: Horizon 2 Forbidden West will not be available at console launch

by Jerry

Horizon 2 Forbidden West was the big surprise of the PS5 conference on June 11th. Today, the Dutch studio Guerrilla tells us a little more about the future hit of the Sony console. We also learn that the game will not be released this year, but in 2021.

Sony let loose last week by presenting the first games of its PS5 console, in addition to the design of the latter. The star game of the evening was undoubtedly Horizon 2 Forbidden West. Today, the guerrilla studio, which develops the title, tells us a little more about this highly anticipated AAA.

As Capcom did with Resident Evil 8 Village, Guerrilla offers a video in which the game's director, Mathijs De Jonge, gives more details about its creation. Horizon 2 Forbidden West will of course pick up where the first game was, but will also allow those who didn't play there to quickly immerse themselves in its universe.

No loading time

Horizon depicts a distant future where humanity returned to the Stone Age and lives in the ruins of the ancient world. A world that now belongs to machines. Aloy, the heroine, will this time begin a journey west toreach the Pacific Ocean in order to stop a strange threat.

This open world will be larger than that of the first part, which already imposed. More than the great plains, Guerrilla tried to add an underwater side to the adventure, with the bottom of the rivers and oceans explorable. This gigantic world will benefit from the capabilities of the PS5 SSD, according to De Jonge, who announces that there will be no loading time. It will be possible to switch from one end of the map to the other almost instantly. Seductive on paper, but we'll have to see if the promise will be kept.

The director ends the video by announcing the release date of Horizon 2. It won't be waiting for the release of the PS5, as Horizon 2 Forbidden West will be available sometime in 2021.

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