PS5: Check out these new official photos of the console horizontally

by Jerry

The PS5 reveals itself a little more through three new official photos. The opportunity to admire and confirm that it will be possible to place the console horizontally.

Credits: Sony

Like millions of players around the world, you've probably attended the official presentation of Playstation 5 this June 11, 2020. During a long conference of an hour and a half, the manufacturer unveiled many upcoming titles on the next-gen console, between the already highly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West, the promising Resident Evil VIII Village, the mythical Gran Turismo 7 or an improved version of the rockstar GTA V mastodon.

The conference ended in general surprise on the revelation of the final design of the console. A design that has not failed to inspire thousands of memes on Twitter. The manufacturer has also announced that the Playstation 5 will be available in two models. The PS5 Digital Edition as the name suggests will be devoid of Blu-Ray player, while the classic version will obviously be equipped with it.

Credits: Sony
Classic PS5

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And after sowing doubt in the minds of the players, Sony has indeed confirmed that it will be possible to arrange the console horizontally. And on this subject, a member of the Reddit forum released new official photos (available above and below) of the Playstation 5 horizontally. These visuals would come from an Amazon product listing,which has since been removed.

These shots allow us to admire the two models of the console elongated and accompanied by the DualSense, the new controller. We also note the presence of a base under the console. The accessory will probably be essential to ensure the stability of the machine because of its curved design. As a reminder, if you are allergic to this white color, know that Sony has teased a black PS5 as well as several special editions. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees that the console will be"customizable like no other previous console".

Source: Reddit

Credits: Sony
PS5 Digital Edition

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