PS5: A red and black version appears in a Sony ad

by Jerry

Seeing the flyer officially released by Sony on which the PS5 appears in red and black, we think that the manufacturer has in preparation a variant of its console. Because the model presented recently is white and has a black/blue edge. Is it a limited edition, a printing error, or is it the work of a little prankster?

A user of the ResetERA forum has just officially received a flyer from Sony. Among products such as a screen, a smartphone (the Xperia 1 II, which we tested recently), or a camera, there is also the japanese manufacturer's brand new game console. But one detail immediately attracts attention for those who have already seen the console when it was officialized last June: the PS5 is here adorned with black and red, while the version presented by Sony last month is white and black. Is a new colour in the works?

The colors of the PS5 have been changed to coincide with the other cameras in the photo

If the design of the PS5 is not unanimous among players, it is both for its shape, but also perhaps because of the color chosen by Sony. From the first minutes after the presentation of the console last June, memes flocked to the web, parodying the console. So much so that some already imagine it in black or other colors. Would Sony have heard them and would a red and black version be about to be made official,as shown in the flyer below received by a dealer?

The answer, however, seems quite different. While No explanation has been given by Sony for this change of colour, the retailer explains that it is likely to be a change made by the flyer's designer. Although official, if the prospectus shows a PS5 with different colors, it would be not to mismatch with the other elements in the photo.

Of course, this explanation will have to wait for an official statement from Sony, or the final marketing of the console. Unless the manufacturer is testing the ground, to see if this color is more successful than the one in white and black, who knows?

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