Samsung's new Galaxy Buds reveal themselves in a leak

by Jerry

Samsung will soon unveil its Galaxy Buds, its new high-end wireless headphones. Products leak today in renderings, giving us a good idea of their design. Be careful not to confuse with beans.

Get ready to put beans in your ears. Samsung's new Galaxy Buds would take on a particular shape reminiscent of the legume. They reveal themselves today in a leak published by Evan Blass, always very well informed.

The leaker therefore broadcasts two renderings of its new products. One can admire their shape, which contrasts with the more conventional headphones of the previous model. We can also see a number of things. The case, first of all, which will be used to recharge the object and transport it. Similarly, buds will be sold in (at least) three colors: white, black and golden pink.

A close-up also allows us to see that the speaker is located in the middle of the bean to place itself well at the hearing opening. Similarly, we see the presence of two microphones, which suggests that they can be used to call, which makes sense, but also to use the voice assistant.

The beginning of beans

According to Android Authority, these high-end headphones will be sold at around 170,000 South Korean won, the equivalent of 125 euros. They should be equipped with the active noise reduction technologist and would benefit from 11 hours of battery life. This new form intrigues and the question of use arises. Will these headphones fit in your ear, even if you're on the move? Similarly, will the sound be up to scratch?

We'll have to wait a bit to see the Galaxy Buds in action. Samsung plans to present them in its virtual conference on August 5,officially announced by the manufacturer. At the same time, the Galaxy Tab S7 would be unveiled, but especially the Galaxy Note 20. The latter would be available in three versions: normal, more and ultra.

It could also be that the Galaxy Watch 3 is present at the same time, even if we mention a presentation during the month of July for the latter.

Source: Android Authority

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