PS5: Sony looks back at compatible PS4 accessories and devices

by Jerry

While the release of the PS5 is fast approaching, Sony takes stock of the various accessories and DEVICES PS4 that will be compatible with its future console living room. PS4 owners, rest assured, you won't have to resell all your equipment. whew.

Credits: Sony

While some players discovered the first potential prizes for the PS5 and Xbox Series X on the Carrefour website this morning, others raised a pertinent question about the Playstation Blog: what about our PS4 accessories and devices on the PS5? The questioning is legitimate. After 7 years on PS4, players worry about having to put their controllers, their gaming helmets, their steering wheel or even their stick arcade in the closet.

In the first place, Sony returned to the case of the DualShock 4, the good old controller of the PS4. "Webelieve that PS5 games should make the most of the new capabilities and features we have on this platform, including the features of the DualSense wireless controller," the Japanese firm said on the Playstation Blog.

You'll understand, so it will be impossible to play Horizon Forbidden West, Resident Evil Village or Gran Turismo with your beloved DualShock 4. Nevertheless, players will be able to use their old controller on retrocompatible PS4 games. As for virtual reality, PS VR owners will be delighted to learn that the headset will be compatible with the PS5.

It will be the same for the Playstation Camera, imperative to play with the PS4 VR titles retrocompatible. Sony specifies that an adapter will be provided free of charge to all PS VR users. The manufacturer will release the details of its allocation at a later date.

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List of compatible PS4 accessories and devices

Let's get to the list of PS4-compatible devices and accessories:

  • Special Sony-licensed devices such as different racing steering wheels, arcade sticks and joysticks will work with retrocompatible PS5 and PS4 games
  • Platinum and Gold wireless headsets,as well as wired or wireless third-party headsets via a USB connection, will work on PS5. Note that the companion app of the headset-microphone, on the other hand, will only be supported on the future console of Sony
  • The DualShock 4, as well as all other third-party controllers officially licensed Playstation will work on retrocompatible PS4 games only
  • Ps Move and the Playstation VR aimingpad will work with retrocompatible PS VR PS4 games.

Please note that not all officially licensed third-party accessories/devices will necessarily be compatible with the PS5. We think for example of the different keyboard-mouse combo dedicated to the PS4. Depending on your device, Sony invites you to check directly with the manufacturer for confirmation or not of possible compatibility with the PS5 and the games concerned.

As a reminder, Sony also took stock of the 3D headset, the HD camera, the remote control and all the other official accessories dedicated to the PS5.

Source: Sony

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