Galaxy Note 20: Samsung didn't put a depth sensor on it, Apple bought everything

by Jerry

Samsung didn't bother to incorporate a ToF (Time of Flight) camera into its latest flagship duo, while this component equips the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Ultra or Galaxy Note 10. A leak claims that the giant refuses to use this technology because Apple has signed the exclusive of the most efficient component.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is one of Samsung's latest smartphones equipped with a ToF camera

A ToF camera (an acronym for Time of Flight),or Flight Time, is a sensor that calculates distances in real time. There are two methods. In both cases, a signal is emitted by the camera. This signal bounces off an obstacle and returns to its original point. There are two methods for calculating this time. A direct method that simply calculates the time taken by the signal to go back and forth. And an indirect method that uses continuous and modular signals and compares the go-to signal with the return signal. Of course, in real life, it's more complicated.

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Samsung uses ToF cameras for a handful of these smartphones. The Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10 5G. All are equipped with indirect cameras. And you will certainly have noticed that Samsung has decided not to integrate this component into the Galaxy Note 20. And there shouldn't be any in the near future. According to the Korean daily The Elec, the electronics giant has decided to abandon this technology because it does not offer satisfactory results.

Apple has the exclusivity of direct-to-live cameras

It turns out that indirect technology offers more approximate results than direct technology, which is much more accurate. Why doesn't Samsung buy live-action cameras? According to The Elec, there is only one manufacturer of ToF cameras that use this calculation method. This is Sony. And, the Japanese firm has reportedly signed an exclusive agreement with Apple to supply the iPhones. Simply.

Under these conditions, Samsung has no other choice. However, the Korean firm would not have abandoned the idea. The Korean daily claims that it has instructed its LSI division (the one in charge of SoC Exynos and ISOCELL photo sensors) to create an indirect-capable ToF camera whose performance would be similar to those of direct-to-vehicle cameras. But Samsung's goal would not be to equip the successor to the Galaxy S20 (see even that of the Note 20).

Indeed, the Korean daily says that the giant first wants to see the emergence of the uses that justify the integration of such a sensor (augmented reality or virtual reality applications) before reviving. In practical terms, Samsung wants to observe the competition (Mainly Apple) wipe the plasters before making its return. And until then, a solution that would be up to scratch would be ready.

Source: The Elec

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