PS5: Developer says Xbox Series X is cheaper and more powerful

by Jerry

A developer known as Dusk Golem posted a message on Twitter claiming that the PS5 would be more expensive than the Xbox Series X. He adds that Sony's console would be less powerful and would even have trouble displaying native 4K. Technical statements that run counter to official information.

Since the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it's a war of numbers between Microsoft fans and those of Sony. "Who's got the biggest"? This year's adversity is exacerbated as the new consoles from both manufacturers will be released for the holiday season. We even know, officially, that the Xbox Series X will be available in November, certainly at the beginning of the month. And the release of the PS5 should be logically quite close.

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War of numbers, therefore, especially on the computational capabilities of the GPUs of each console. For some players, this notion is not insignificant since the power of the graphics processor allows to know if the graphics will be fine, if the special effects (like the Ray-Tracing) will be dazzling and if the refresh rate will be high. For all those who are more sensitive to the visual aspect of games, this is paramount.

Fake 4K on PS5?

A developer called Dusk Golem, a specialist in survival horror games, took to Twitter. He says the PlayStation 5 would be more expensive than the Xbox Series X, without giving more details, but still being less powerful. He explains that he has exchanged with other developers who claim that the PS5 has difficulty displaying a fluid 4K and that some games will be offered in "false 4K". The display definition will be 4K, but the game would be upscaled. He takes as an example Resident Evil Village (aka Resident Evil 8) of Capcom, a game scheduled for launch next year.

Of course, this statement is to be taken with great care. Although this information may be confirmed in the near future, it seems to contradict the official technical details announced by Sony. Indeed, even if the power of the PS5 GPU is a little behind(10.28 teraflops against 12 teraflops),the Japanese firm confirms that it is able to display an image in 8K. And, as the saying says, "who can the most can the least"."

What if it was an optimization problem?

In dusk Golem's defense, it is not impossible that the game engine used by Capcom on Resident Evil Village does not yet take advantage of all the technical features of the console, including its particular SSD. If the PS5 is more complex to program, independent studios could abandon Sony. Hence an impression expressed in our columns a few days ago that the Xbox Series X is richer in games from third-party publishers.

(1/3) I'm going to hate myself later for responding to this I can feel it (people attracted to this sorta topic are horribly toxic), but a lot of people misinterpreted what I said, which is partially my fault. Of course RE8 will run fine on launch, that was never in question by me

— AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem (@AestheticGamer1) August 12, 2020

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