Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Samsung designed the best OLED screen ever seen according to DisplayMate

by Jerry

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is covered with the best OLED display ever designed, DisplayMate estimates in a detailed test. Thanks to its 120 Hz screen, the smartphone has managed to break up to 11 records. It is therefore the best screen on the market, just ahead of that of the Galaxy S20 Ultra… pending the release of Apple's iPhone 12 in October.

Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has just taken the top spot in the DisplayMate rankings at the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which was crowned the best smartphone screen on the market last February. Typically, Galaxy smartphones compete for first class with Apple's latest iPhones. So it's not impossible that the arrival of the iPhone 12 will turn the tables in the coming weeks.

"Based on our many laboratory tests and measurements, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra features an excellent world-class smartphone display with perfect calibration accuracy and performance that is impossible to distinguish from perfection," DisplayMate concludes.

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A simply perfect screen, notes DisplayMate

In short, the 6.9-inch adaptive 120 Hz display is just perfect. So he gets the excellent A-score. In its test, DisplayMate praises the elegance of the fine borders and hole for the selfie camera, the perfect brightness of the screen, precise and well calibrated contrasts and the precision of color rendering. In addition, the AMOLED slab is insensitive to reflections. "The Galaxy Note20 Ultra has almost the lowest screen reflectance level we've ever measured for a smartphone," the test states.

"There is absolutely no need to further increase the display resolution and the number of pixels" says DisplayMate to the attention of phone manufacturers. According to the body, the human eye is not able to perceive more pixels per inch. From now on, Samsung and other screen manufacturers should instead focus on improving the display in certain conditions of daily life,when the ambient light is too strong for example (sun, neon…). What do you think of DisplayMate's review? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments.

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