Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Hundreds of units have a manufacturing defect

by Jerry

Is the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra the victim of a manufacturing defect? Hundreds of South Korean users have complained on the manufacturer's forums about anomalies in the camera's photo sensors. Several of them have spotted dust and condensation behind the glass that protects the photo set of the flagship.

Credits: SamMobile

Hundreds of South Korean buyers have been reporting defects in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra's photo sensors on Samsung's forums for several days. As our colleagues on the SamMobile website report, the different images published and the accounts of different users suggest that a batch of devices would be subject to manufacturing defects.

Since this Thursday, August 19, complaints are pouring in on the web. Several Internet users demonstrate images to support the presence of dust and water droplets behind the protective glass of the photo sensors. This anomaly does suggest a failure to assemble on these devices.

Please note that all complaints relate to pre-ordered devices,which have been sent to customers for some time. The global launch of the Galaxy Note 20 range is still scheduled for Friday, August 21, 2020. So far, Samsung has not admitted to having a widespread problem with these first batches of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Samsung reviews complaints

A spokesman for the manufacturer said in the columns of several South Korean media that"the distinctive effects of condensation were not evidence of a manufacturing defect and should not have an impact on the operation." Despite this statement, Samsung is currently reviewing all published reports. Many users want to use the manufacturer's warranty to get a new device.

As a reminder, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 20 at the Samsung Unpacked on August 5th. Since its official announcement, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has received praise from the trade press. The Display Mate website simply states that Samsung has designed the best OLED screen ever seen on a smartphone, with an A-score. For our part, we gave it four stars in our full test. Its main flaws, however, remain its exorbitant price (1409 euros in its 512GB version) and the prominence of rear photo sensors.

Source: SamMobile

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