PS5: Sony to reveal price and release date on September 9, 2020

by Jerry

The PS5 would soon reveal its last secrets. According to a new rumor, Sony would lift the veil on the price and the exact release date of the console as of September 9, 2020. The Japanese firm would thus give priority to its rival Microsoft, which is about to launch its Xbox Series X.

Since the beginning of the year, Sony has been disseminating information about the PlayStation 5 during several presentations and events. Since the Game Developers Conference on March 18, 2020, the Japanese manufacturer has revealed the technical sheet of the home console. In June, Sony then mentioned the PS5's catalogue of games.

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Sony reportedly postponed the PS5 conference scheduled for August to September 9

Finally, Sony would finally reveal the price and release date at a final event. The brand would also announce the catalogue of games available from the launch. Scheduled for August, this final PS5 conference has reportedly been postponed until 9 September 2020. In any case, this is what an anonymous source on the 4Chan forums says.

According to the source, the conference would lift the veil on the last shadow areas of the console. "Full revelation of the PlayStation 5, including hardware, features, user interface, launch date and price" ensures the leak. Sony would also show the gameplay of several highly anticipated games, including Spider-Man Miles Morales, Ratchet and Clank, GT 7, Demons Souls, Godfall and Returnal.

To prove his point, the user behind the leak points out that the various YouTube channels of the PlayStation brand have posted videos placed in private mode in recent days. The appearance of these videos tends to prove that an online presentation conference is imminent.

If 4Chan's information is confirmed, Sony will unveil the PS5 before Microsoft reveals its Xbox Series X. It is to be expected that the American giant will soon retaliate against its competitor. The latest news is that the PlayStation 5 will be released in November 2020. The latest leaks are based on a starting price of 399 euros for the Digital Edition. We'll tell you more as soon as possible.

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