Samsung has launched 15 5G-enabled smartphones since 2019, but still stands behind Hu…

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Samsung has launched 15 5G-enabled smartphones since 2019, according to the infographic released by the manufacturer. While this is still impressive, the performance does not match that of Huawei, which currently has 19 5G-compatible smartphones to its credit.

Credits: Samsung

Samsung is an unchallenged part of the manufacturers who quickly made the bet of 5G. He was one of the first to offer compatible devices, at a time when the new standard has so far reached only a few countries in the world. As we write these lines, Samsung has already launched a plethora of 5G-compatible devices.

As a reminder, Samsung has just published an infographic that lists all the 5G compatible products sold to date by the South Korean firm. The occasion to remember that since 2019, Samsung has launched no less than 19 5G Ready devices,between smartphones, tablets, and ultraportable PCs.

Samsung's 5G era began in 2019 with the launch of the Galaxy S10 5G. Then the Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 all have a right to their 5G variant. The manufacturer did not want to make 5G the preserve of high-end models, since several Samsung mid-ranges are also compatible with the new standard.

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5G for flagships as well as mid-range

The Galaxy A90 was the first to benefit. It opened the door to the Galaxy A51 5G and the Galaxy A71 5G. More recently, the company has lifted the lid on the Galaxy A42 5G, the most affordable 5G-enabled smartphone of the brand. It will carry a 6.6" AMOLED display as well as a quadruple main sensor, for a price of 379 euros. Its release is scheduled for early November, and it is a direct competitor to OnePlus North.

Unsurprisingly, all of the world's leading foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip, and the Galaxy Z Fold 2, have all hosted 5G. To all this, we must add the manufacturer's high-end tablets such as the Galaxy Tab 6, Galaxy Tab 7 and Galaxy Tab S7, not to mention the just announced Galaxy Book Flex 5G, the latest notebook of the brand.

Despite this good performance, Huawei remains in pole position on the number of 5G-compatible devices launched to date. The Shenzhen-based firm has launched no less than 19 5G-enabled smartphones, to which must be added the manufacturer's other products such as its tablets for example.

Source: SamMobile

Credits: Samsung

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