PS5: Final Fantasy XVI announced by Sony, here is the first trailer!

by Jerry

As soon as the PlayStation 5 launch conference began, Sony launched hostilities with its first exclusive game: Final Fantasy XVI. A long trailer presents the new installment of the main series of the fetish series of Square-Enix with a gameplay that certainly recalls that of the FF XV and FFVII Remake. No release date announced, but an expectation that will be unbearable.

We were waiting for the Sony PS5 conference to stand firm tonight. Virtually all the writing was there to discover, at the same time as you the games that will accompany the release of the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (or at least the first months of his life). And, right from the start, we weren't disappointed. Sony decided to open the ball with a "console exclusivity" that had never been unveiled: Final Fantasy XVI.

The trailer presents a heroic fantasy universe far from the universes developed for the latest installments of the license (Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake). No technology in this installment, which seems more brutal and darker even than the Final Fantasy XV. So you will find a universe with magic, monsters, swords, but no guns. It will be a similar atmosphere to Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics who share the same universe, Ivalice, or Final Fantasy XIV, the MMORPG available on PlayStation 4.

Gameplay marked by Final Fantasy XV

The gameplay of this game seems to be very inspired by Final Fantasy XV where Noctis teleported to be at the heart of the fight for phases of nervous action. We didn't notice any other characters to accompany the player through the few gameplay phases. But it would be surprising if there were none. Also note the presence in this trailer of all the cosmology of the series: chocobos, morbols and chimeras, such as Shiva, Ifrit, Phoenix, or Bahamut, the king of dragons.

The soundtrack of this trailer is very marked by the melodic history of the series. We find themes dear to Square-Enix, with a certain penchant for orchestral. We would not be surprised if Nobuo Uematsu was in charge of writing it. That's reassuring.

Square-Enix's favourite series will accompany the PlayStation 5. Note that this is a "console exclusive," which means that the title will not be released on Xbox Series X or Series S, but will arrive next on PC. It remains to be seen whether it will be present at the release of the console or if fans of Japanese RPG will have to wait a little longer after the purchase of the console.

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