PS5: relive the replay of the Sony conference of September 16, 2020

by Jerry

As expected, Sony has unveiled the sale price and launch date of the PS5 in France. In the process, the Japanese giant also showed the gameplay of several games expected. If you missed the event, here's a summary of the various announcements:

  • The PS5 is available in France from 399 euros on November 19, 2020
  • PS5 pre-order: where is it available and in stock?
  • Final Fantasy 16, Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy, God of War Ragnarok, Demon's Souls: Sony releases the big guns for the release of the PS5
  • Final Fantasy XVI announced by Sony, here is the first trailer!
  • Fortnite arrives on the PS5 at launch on November 19, 2020

22:50: After a final salvo of gameplay videos, the conference is over. Thank you all for attending the event with us.

22:43 – Sony REVEALs finalLY the price and release date. The console is sold for between 399.99 euros (Digital Edition) and 499.99 euros for the version with player. It will be available on November 19th in Europe!

22:41: We see several subliminal games, God of War, Uncharted, Detroit, Mortal Combat and Battlefield 1, inFamous, Batman, The Last Guardian, The Last of US remastered among others. These are the PS4 games that will appear on pS5 in the Playstation Plus collection. All the big games of the PS4 are accessible at the launch of the PS5.

22:40 – Sony follows up with a video of Fortnite. It's available at launch.

22:35 – Sony unveils Demon Souls. It follows a knight fighting demons in a disturbing castle. The sequence ends with a huge troll armed with an axe.

22:34 – and here's Five Nights at Freddy's! A horror game! (we jumped)

22:32 – the conference now reveals a trailer for Oddworld: Soul Storm

22:29 – Sony shows Devil May Cry 5.

22:26: Here's DeathLoop, a dynamic and colorful shooter about time travel.

22:24- Sony now unveils a video presentation of Resident Evil 8! Released in 2021.

22:22 – The Alpha version of the mutliplayer is available this Friday.

22:20 – you get a realistic cinematic and a preview of the gameplay with a supercharged shooting scene.

22:17: Sony follows up with Black Ops Cold War!

20:15: Sony unveils the game Harry Potter, an AAA game of Warner Bros. The title will allow you to travel in the world of wizards, from Hogwarts to the crossroads.

20:11: the gameplay obviously recalls that of the previous game, with some new features (invisibility, flashlight,…)

20:09: Here's the big villain of the game: The Thinkerer

20:07 – we now get a preview of Spider-Man Miles Morales and its gameplay!

20:05 – it's an excluded PS5!

20:02 – Sony unveils preview of Square Enix's Final Fantasy XVI

20:00 – the PS5 conference begins! Thank you for following the event with us dear readers.

A PS5 conference is taking place this Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 10 p.m. and on this occasion, Sony is expected to announce the release date and prices of its two PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition home consoles. Together, let's find out how to follow this Sony conference live.

At the June presentation, Sony simply unveiled the design of its Playstation 5 and offered an overview of the gameplay of the games available at launch. The Japanese giant ignored the price and release date, leaving rival Microsoft to draw the first one because it has already announced the prices and launch date of its Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

What time will you watch Sony's PS5 conference live?

  • When is the conference taking place? Wednesday, September 16, 2020
  • What time is the conference going to start? At 10 p.m., French time
  • How do I follow this conference? : here on the site and/or using the YouTube video below
  • How long this conference will last: more or less 40 minutes according to Sony

What should we expect from this Sony presentation?

The Japanese manufacturer can be expected to finally reveal the price and release date of its PS5 at its conference on September 16, 2020. The latest leaks are expected to launch the PS5 around November 19, 2020 at a price ranging from 499 to 599 euros in France.

"Before the launch of The PlayStation 5 at the end of the year, we want to give you a new look at the great games that will be available with the PS5 at launch (and later!)" announces Sony on its official blog. This presentation will also talk about the games that will make up the console catalogue. Sony could reveal the release date of Demon's Souls and Gran Turismo 7 games or show the gameplay of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The appointment is therefore made at 22h to follow live with us this PS5 conference. The entire Phonandroid editorial team will mobilize to deliver in real time all the information that will be revealed about the Playstation 5 and Playstation 5 Digital Edition.

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