Facebook owner’s watch leaks in picture with notch and front camera

by Jerry

The image revealed by Bloomberg on Thursday (28) shows a watch with square case, such as the Apple Watch. What catches the eye, in turn, is a small drop-shaped cutout at the bottom of the panel, which follows the same molds as the Galaxy M22. And of course, there’s a front camera inside the notch.

Other details of the wearable were also revealed by the smart glasses app made in partnership between Meta and Ray-Ban. This is the case of the codename “Milan”; but the trade name is still a mystery. In addition, other information went public in June, such as 4G support and 1080p camera resolution.

Because it’s a smart watch, the device is still expected to have the capabilities to monitor exercise and the physical conditioning of users. But the list of sensors and modalities supported by the company’s smartwatch is still unknown. In addition, the wearable is expected to be released next year.

It is important to note that the look of the Meta clock can be changed until the premiere. The planned release for the northern hemisphere summer of 2022, which takes place in the middle of the year, is also not fully confirmed. Still, this is an indication that the owner of Facebook intends to beat the goal of entering the smartwatch market (pardon for the pun).

Facebook (company) has changed its name. Now, the owner of Facebook (social network), Instagram and WhatsApp is called Meta, as was announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday (28). The measure is another effort by the company to focus on its new ambition: developing the metaverse.

According to the executive at the Connect event, before the change, the company’s brand was closely linked to a single product: the social network. With the new focus, we chose to make the change so that big tech is seen as a metaverse company. “I want to anchor our work and our identity to what we are building,” he said.

The exchange took place just at a troubled moment of the company. Let’s go back to the denunciation of former product manager Frances Haugen to the United States Senate when she said meta products are a risk to national security and democracy. And then there’s the ghost of Facebook Papers.

Other companies still want their share of the metaverse. The list brings giants of the digital world, such as Epic Games, Roblox and Microsoft, who are already thinking about how to act in this future envisioned by Meta. But while all this does not become tangible, we get the jokes about the new name of the owner of Facebook.

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