Amazon partners in favela and plans deliveries until Sundays

by Jerry

Amazon announced on Tuesday (2) a partnership with the carrier Favela LLog to make deliveries in peripheral regions, including Sundays and holidays. The first favela to receive the service will be Paraisópolis, one of the largest favelas in Brazil with 100,000 inhabitants.

The union between companies arises precisely to meet this portion of the population. With the partnership, residents of Paraisópolis, a favela in São Paulo, will be able to receive their purchases made on Amazon within the same period that users who live on the asphalt would receive. Also, according to the statement, those who are prime customers can have free delivery.

In order to meet the demand and generate even more social impact with the initiative, the carrier will have the support of the local NGO Central Única das Favelas (CUFA). The institution has a project called Recomeço that aims to insert graduates of the Brazilian prison system into the labor market again.

“We are talking about a positive impact in these regions, collaborating with job creation and the movement of the economy as a whole. They are more opportunities and, consequently, more inclusion”, says Rafael Caldas, leader of Amazon Logistics.

In January 2021, Vila Cruzeiro, a favela in Rio de Janeiro, received its own parcel withdrawal service thanks to a partnership between Clique and Retire and the NGO Atitude Social. With it, it is enough for the resident to register to receive a personal code, make the purchase and inform the address of the institution and its exclusive number. When the product arrives, just pick up the NGO and use the QR Code received via SMS to open the closet compartment on site.

B2W, the group responsible for the American companies, Shoptime and Submarino, also created an initiative for deliveries in Paraisópolis in 2021. With the support of the carrier Favela Brasil Xpress and the G10 Favelas, the residents began to receive purchases made in the holding companies on the doorstep — which was not the case before.


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