iPhone: iOS 18 may allow empty spaces between apps just like Android

by Jerry

iOS 18 could bring a historic change to Apple’s operating system. According to rumors, the iPhone’s OS will allow users to leave empty spaces between apps — just like it has been on Android since 2010. Since its launch, when moving an app, the space left was occupied by the app immediately on the right.

The information was first reported by MacRumors, citing sources linked to big tech. Journalist Mark Gurman, an Apple expert at Bloomberg, recently reported that iOS 18 will bring more options for icon customizations. The operating system should have its details presented at WWDC 2024, an event that could be held in June.

These modifications, such as changing an app’s icon or leaving an empty space between apps, can be made by using some customization programs or by adapting shortcuts. The difference is that these solutions that will arrive with iOS 18 are created by Apple itself — giving it an air of official tool to customize the iPhone.

If this information is confirmed in iOS 18, we will see another iPhone OS update that brings more customization options to the user. In 2022, with iOS 16, Apple brought the option to edit the elements of the smartphone’s lock screen.

Since then, users have been able to add special widgets, modify the clock font, and even apply three-dimensional effects to the image — as if there were a gap between the clock and some element of the photo.

Now it would be Apple’s turn to bring the customization options to the inside of the iPhone. The function of leaving blank spaces in an official way can please the public that likes to enhance the wallpaper of the smartphone or make jokes with funny images and app icons.

iOS 18 Should Bring iPhone Revolution With Generative AI
Despite these speculations, the big news iOS 18 should be the debut of generative artificial intelligence. Mark Gurman and other news reinforce the arrival of this feature in the iPhone OS. Apple is in talks with Google to use Gemini as an AI model in the smartphone.

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