Microsoft Copilot Can Teach Users How to Hack Safely

by Jerry

Microsoft Copilot, big tech’s generative research AI, is capable of teaching users how to hack safely. By asking AI in a balanced, conservative conversational style, consumers can get answers about how to access proxy sites, use VPNs to “hide” when torrenting, and even understand why this service is recommended. Copilot doesn’t answer these questions in creative style.

Interestingly, when researching this topic, among Copilot’s suggested questions are related to downloading torrents with VPN and how to stay safe by downloading them. The artificial intelligence response cites, among other things, that using this service is important for privacy and avoiding legal problems.

Still, even though it practically teaches you how to pirate, the AI reminds you that downloading copyrighted content is illegal — this point is identical to ChatGPT’s answer on the topic. This habit of artificial intelligence was noticed more than five days ago.

Microsoft can limit the response or block the topic altogether, as it already does with the Conversation Creative style. However, this could be an advantage against Google, as Gemini is unresponsive about proxies and mirros.

Copilot’s suggestion also reports that using VPNs allows the user to access websites that are blocked in the country — 1337x, This is true not only for libraries and torrent searches, but for other pages denied access by ISPs.

Torrents and VPNs can do good
Copilot’s teaching is not just for the “evil side”. These technologies have useful functions for people living in dictatorships, sanctioned countries, or less developed countries. People can access independent media in nations with heavily censored media.

For example, despite Russia banning the referral of VPNs, they are used by government agencies to circumvent sanctions. This same technology can still be used by the population to access websites banned by the government (such as Novaya Gazeta and Instagram) or watch international films released after the invasion of Ukraine.

Some studios are no longer licensing their films to Russia, which forces the population to rely on piracy. And theaters too, since last year Barbie was shown on the big screen — even without authorization from Warner.

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