Samsung launches All-in-One computer with Intel Core Ultra

by Jerry

Samsung announced on Monday (8) the All-in-One Pro desktop. The top-of-the-line computer is equipped with an Intel Core Ultra processor. At the moment, the All-in-One Pro is only available in South Korea, with a launch price of $1,469.

As its name indicates, the computer has an all-in-one format, in which the desktop does not have a case. All the hardware is installed on the back of the screen — which has a 4K resolution and measures 27 inches. The look of the device, whose base resembles the one used by the iMac, has thinner edges on the sides and top, where your webcam is installed. The bottom edge appears to be slightly thicker than the others.

The All-in-One Pro comes standard with Windows 11 Home. Samsung has not revealed the RAM and storage capacity of the device. These details will be communicated at the official launch or in the coming days.

The Intel Core Ultra processor has also not had details revealed. It will also be responsible for the computer’s video generation, as there is no dedicated graphics card. The All-in-One Pro has a keyboard with the Copilot button, a shortcut to open Microsoft’s AI, located next to the right Alt.

Samsung’s new PC has an HDMI input, two USB Type-A inputs, Ethernet port and headphone jack. In terms of wireless connection, the All-in-One Pro has Bluetooth 5.3 and Wi-Fi 6E.

All-in-One Pro is Samsung’s latest bet on desktops
Known for mobile devices, Samsung shows that it continues to invest in desktops — desktop computers, in free translation.

Last year, the South Korean company returned to the ready-made PC market, launching cabinet computers. These desktops are advantageous for those looking for a PC with more integration with Galaxys smartphones — as well as other Samsung devices.

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