Spotify Releases AI Tests That Will Create Playlist From Commands

by Jerry

Spotify released this Monday (8) the feature of creating playlists using generative AI. From a text command, the user will be able to create playlists — saving time searching for multiple songs to assemble them. The feature has been released for testing in the UK and Australia.

This news was revealed by Spotify itself in December last year. However, the feature was discovered by TechCrunch in October. The official launch of AI Playlist (the name of the feature) is expected to happen in the coming months. As the description of the feature shows, at the moment it only works in English — which will take some time for the company to release the tool to other languages.

The workings of AI Playlist are easy to understand. The user will write a command such as “metal songs to listen to in the gym” and the tool will choose up to 30 songs. The novelty has prompt suggestions.

Spotify explains that the results are better if the user includes genres, desired mood (sad, happy, excited, etc.), artists, and decades in charge. In addition to genre ratings, music streaming tags songs with other data.

For example, a funk song might be in a category of danceability and positivity, just as a romantic ballad from the ’80s might have ratings of “cesspool” or “calm”

These tags will be fetched by the AI based on the prompt written by the user, delivering the playlist closest to the desired one.

IA Playlist is accessed by clicking on the “+” button, which is located in the library. In the menu that opens, there will be three buttons: create playlist, merge, and the new AI Playlist — which contains a notice of being in beta. By clicking on the feature under test, the user will be taken to a screen where they can write the desired prompt.

This isn’t Spotify’s first venture with AI. Last year, the company launched DJ X, a feature that uses AI to play recommended songs based on the user’s taste — identical to Deezer’s Flow, but with a voice commenting. As for the option of music with Hi-Fi quality, this one is promised

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