WhatsApp gets filters so you can find conversations more easily

by Jerry

WhatsApp is introducing new filters to allow you to more quickly locate a conversation that interests you. The novelty appears at the top of the list of conversations in the app and works with both read and unviewed messages.

The new filters are as follows:

All: is the default view mode, which displays all conversations, with the most recent appearing at the top;
Unread: Shows only conversations that have messages not yet viewed or marked as unread;
Groups: shows only group conversations, whether they have already read messages or not; It also displays subgroups of communities.
This novelty is interesting especially for those who have many conversations on WhatsApp and, as a result, sometimes it takes time to locate specific messages.

What’s really new here is the “Groups” filter, as the “Unread” option already appeared next to the “Search” field, on the button with the three-stripe symbol on iPhone, or on the button with three dots on Android.

The update offers the added benefit of allowing filters to be accessed with a single tap, as they are not inside the aforementioned button, but at the top of the screen, as already reported.

WhatsApp filters: for when and for whom
According to Meta, WhatsApp’s new filters will officially begin to be released this Tuesday (16), on a global scale, for both Android and iPhone users. In a statement, the company commented:

With filters, we believe it will be easier for people to stay organized, find the most important conversations, and navigate messages more efficiently.

But a little patience may be required. The release of the feature is progressive and it may take a few weeks to cover all users of the messenger.

The new filters are also expected to be released on the web and desktop versions of WhatsApp in the coming weeks.

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